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Proposal Ideas For Guys That Actually Surprised

Proposal Ideas For Guys That Actually Surprised

In this era of 15 month engagements and living together before marriage we still root for a proposal that catches him/her off guard - we're a bit old school like that. Between sharing locations, Instagram stories, and texting food pics its more challenging then ever to pull off a great surprise. We've compiled the unofficial Uno Reverse Card proposals which flipped the script to help spark some inspiration. 

Top 10 Marriage Proposals By Guys for Guys

1) The Surprise Party

Get her Mom to incept the idea that she should throw you a surprise party. Then when you walk in and she thinks she has the upper hand you drop to one knee and everyone yells "Surprise"! Inspo found here.


2) The Photo Album

Accumulate pictures of your favorite memories and places and make him a custom photo album with a picture of you on one knee on the last page. Stick it under the tree on Xmas and await the "Yes". 

Best Proposals For Guys By Guys

3) The Decoy Trip

Plan a momentous getaway to Rome or California or Bali worthy of popping the question and then with their anticipation that the big question will be popped on the excursion ask at home over coffee on a Wednesday.  This way you can both enjoy the full trip. 

Pro Tip: Make sure she's having a good nail day

4) The Take Out Order

We know you're going to have to do a photoshoot anyways so why not order take out and an engagement? Pull a Fletcher and collaborate with your favorite local spot so when you're SO pulls out the breadroll there's a rock peaking out. 


As you can see the sleight of hand goes a long way and you can still pull off a great surprise while having your inner circle there for the fun. Think yours can top this? Leave us a comment. Or if you want to brainstorm with some privacy text us at (914) 719-7379


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