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David, Founder of RING BEAR, had the privilege to sit down with to discuss "The Complete Guide to Men's Wedding Bands". In our conversation we chatted about important topics like Popular Styles, Average Cost & Who Purchases Men's Wedding Bands. We've highlighted the key considerations from the discussion below, if you still have questions afterwards please email us —!

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The Complete Guide to Men's Wedding Bands

Who Buys The Ring?

“It’s a collaborative process,” says jeweler David Schoenfeld. “Often, the bride buys the groom's wedding band to reciprocate after receiving an engagement ring. That being said, it’s also common for guys to know what they want and pick it out themselves.”

Popular Styles

Luckily, there are plenty of options to choose from, depending on a groom's personal style and preference. “Men’s wedding bands are no longer ‘one style fits all,’” Schoenfeld explains. “Yellow gold will always be the iconic, heritage look, whereas white gold has really caught on recently. Platinum is the top-of-the-line option, and tungsten is a newer offering that is often more affordable.”

Average Cost

Depending on the type of metal you choose, the price of a men's wedding band can vary. There really are phenomenal options at every price point. “The average for a tungsten band is $200-300, gold is $350-1,000 depending on the carat, and platinum can be found at $1,000-1,200”.

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Shopping Tips

Picking out a groom’s wedding band is an incredibly important purchase, so take the time to make the process about him. “It’s never too early to start shopping, but in reality, three to six months before the big day allows for plenty of time to learn his preferences,” suggests Schoenfeld. In order to make sure the men's wedding band is ready for the big day, try to purchase his wedding band two months before the wedding in case it needs to be resized. 

If your groom is having some hesitations about wearing a ring for the first time, Schoenfeld suggests investing in a band that’s designed with a “comfort fit.” These bands tend to be a little pricier since they require more material, but they’re easier to slip over the knuckle and don’t pinch the skin. (All RING BEAR men's wedding rings are specifically designed with our Superior Comfort Fit). “For many guys wearing a ring is new to them, but if the band fits great and is comfortable, he’ll quickly get used to having it on all the time,” Schoenfeld says. 

Whether you’re after a traditional look or something as unique as your relationship, there’s a men’s wedding band option out there perfect for every groom, you can see RING BEAR's entire assortment here.

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