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Why We Use Recycled Gold

Why We Use Recycled Gold

At RING BEAR we know our customers are planning their futures and we're committed to making it a greener one. One way RING BEAR is able to reduce our carbon footprint is by utilizing recycled Gold & Platinum in our collection of men's wedding bands. As recycled metals is a newer concept that wasn't available to previous generations we've broken down some of the common questions couples ask us when researching his wedding band.

RING BEAR wedding ring recycled gold


What's The Environmental Impact of Recycled Gold?

In an effort to reduce bringing unnecessary new materials into the world, RING BEAR recycles gold and platinum which have already been mined. The recycled metals used to craft RING BEAR gold & platinum mens wedding bands only use 3% of the energy, 1% of the water & emit 1% of the CO2 traditionally required to mine gold. 

It's estimated that 75% of the world's gold consumption still comes from newly mined gold and with each men's wedding band RING BEAR is working to shift that dependency and in turn reduce the jewelry industry's carbon footprint. 

Do Wedding Rings with Recycled Gold Hold the Same Value?

YES! RING BEAR's recycled Gold & Platinum wedding bands have all the same monetary value as newly mined gold and platinum wedding bands. 14K Gold holds the same value whether it is constructed of recycled gold or newly mined gold.

How is the Appearance of Recycled Gold or Platinum Different?

When using recycled precious metals like Gold & Platinum in our men's wedding bands there is no difference in look or feel compared to newly mined gold, however you can have the confidence knowing that your ring reduced nearly all of the carbon emissions of newly mined metals. 

RING BEAR Mens wedding ring recycled gold wedding band

As you can see utilizing Recycled Gold & Platinum to handcraft our men's wedding bands has all the benefits without any drawbacks. With rings like our Flat or Classic band you get all the features of traditional gold or platinum with much less carbon footprint. As the first carbon neutral mens brand it was important for RING BEAR to offer recycled metals from Day 1. We imagine (& hope) 10 years from now all jewelry will only use recycled metals and are committed to pushing this trend forward!

If you're ready to start shopping you can read How To Pick A Gold Wedding Band From Bed or The Complete Guide To Mens Wedding Bands to help determine which mens wedding band is right for you.

If you're not ready to start shopping we just wanted to share that by planting 10 new trees a year, the average American can offset their annual carbon footprint.



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