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How To Pick Your Gold Wedding Band From Bed

When it comes to merchandising nobody does it better than the home of the double-double in California.  We want to take the second guessing out of picking your Gold Wedding Band, so we broke it down to 4 simple steps in a language guys can understand...

Pick Your Wedding Band From Home  

1) Material - 18K Gold, 14K, 10K or Platinum

24K refers to 100% gold but it is too soft for Mens Wedding Bands. Therefore recycled metal alloys are fused with gold to create 18K/14K/10K

    • 18K -$$$- Our most pure option but a little soft, we advise 18K if you're not doing consistent manual labor 
    • 14K -$$- The Goldilocks, our recommended option if you've never worn gold jewelry prior
    • 10K -$$- The most durable, a great alternative to Tungsten
    • Platinum -$$$- is a durable and hypoallergenic precious metal, serving as a firmer alternative to 18K White Gold
2) Color - Yellow or White
Dealers choice, no wrong option here. Yellow Gold leans more traditional where White Gold & Platinum has seen a recent rise in popularity.
Mens Gold Wedding Band
3) Width - 3MM, 4.5MM or 6MM
If you have a bigger hand and longer fingers we'd steer you to the 4.5mm or 6mm. All three widths feature free engraving. 
4) Finish - Polish or Matte
Polish Mens Gold Wedding Band
Matte Mens Gold Wedding Band
At RING BEAR we carefully curated an assortment with just the right variety without offering too much choice. We pride ourselves on offering a range of widths and styles which allow him to find the right band at a more reasonable rate than you'd find during a trip to stuffy mall based retailers. You can find our entire selection here and be sure to check out our Try Before You Buy kit if you'd like to try on a few rings before taking the plunge.
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