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What Size Mens Wedding Ring to Wear?

What Size Mens Wedding Ring to Wear?

Don't know what size mens wedding ring you wear? Think of a mens wedding ring size like a shoe size. 

Unlike a shoe size there is often little correlation between your physical features and your ring size. Tall men can have short fingers & short men can wear a large sized mens wedding ring. A mens wedding ring size is often totally random in proportion to the rest of your body, but just like how you don't want to play hoops in shoes too small, what size mens wedding ring is an important decision to make.

Not sure what size mens wedding ring is right for you? Email us at to arrange our free ring sizer or order it (here). We strongly recommend using our official sizer to know what size mens wedding ring to wear. 

Just in case you don't know, you can learn what size mens wedding ring to wear by measuring the ring finger on your left hand. In Europe and other areas it is common to wear a mens wedding band on your right hand.

Please measure your finger at the end of the day to learn what size mens wedding ring to wear.

We offer free resizing for life should your finger bulk up or cut down in the future.

While you wait for the ring sizer to arrive (usually takes less than a week) we suggest familiarizing yourself with our Guide to Mens Wedding Bands to understand popular styles, who buys the ring and other key considerations.


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