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Why Are Platinum Mens Wedding Bands So Popular?

Why Are Platinum Mens Wedding Bands So Popular?

Introduction to Platinum Mens Wedding Bands

There is a reason musical artists are celebrated when their albums go Gold and then Platinum. If you've done some research on mens wedding bands at this point you may have realized Platinum is the most expensive material we offer for mens rings. At RING BEAR we aim to be inclusively priced to allow you to have the best options for mens wedding bands without making any sacrifices. In this post we've shared some of what makes Platinum well, Platinum.

RING BEAR Comfort Fit Platinum mens wedding band

Why is Platinum so Popular in Mens Wedding Bands?

After 100 years of the iconic yellow gold Classic men's wedding band some guys are ready to do it a little different. 

  • Platinum is extremely durable
  • It complements certain complexions
  • Hypoallergenic 
  • Can match her wedding band

Like Tungsten, 10K & 14K Gold, Platinum is a very low maintenance material and for that reason Platinum Mens Wedding Bands are a popular alternative to 18K White Gold.  

Why Are Platinum Mens Wedding Bands Worth More Than Gold Mens Rings?

As a precious metal with limited supply, Platinum is 30x more rare than Gold and worth more than 40x Silver. First made popular by Cartier in the 19th century and has seen a rise in demand over the last couple decades. Due to Platinum's strength & durability the rings are made of almost entirely Platinum which leads to the higher price. 

Why Does RING BEAR use Recylced Gold & Platinum?

Recycled gold provides all the value and aesthetic as traditionally mined gold while preventing nearly all of the carbon emissions. This way you can enjoy your ring even more knowing the positive practices used. You can read more here

While trends like Rose Gold have come and gone, Platinum is here to stay. Newly mined Platinum has a large carbon footprint so we only utilize recycled Platinum which has all the same properties without the environmental impact. 

Platinum Mens Wedding Bands RING BEAR Comfort Fit


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