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Common Questions Guys Have on Wedding Bands

Why do Men Wear Wedding Bands?

Men started regularly wearing wedding bands during WWII to remind them of who they were fighting for. 

What do the K's mean?

24K refers to 100% gold but it is too soft for Mens Wedding Bands. Therefore metal alloys are fused with gold to create jewelry that will last.

  • 18K (75%) - Our most pure option but a little soft, we advise 18K if you're not doing consistent manual labor 
  • 14K (58%) - The Goldilocks, our recommended option if you've never worn gold jewelry prior
  • 10K (41%) - The most durable gold option, a great alternative to Tungsten
  • Platinum - A durable and hypoallergenic precious metal, serving as a firmer alternative to 18K White Gold
Should I take my ring off?

Not if you want to stay married...

Again, Should I take my ring off?

If you purchase an 18K ring and want to play it safe consider taking your ring off if you get the tool kit out or are lifting in the gym. Platinum, 14K and 10K are more than durable enough for normal wear.

What width should I go for?

Picking the width of your band should be both personal and practical. Some people are drawn to the 3MM and others the 6MM. If you have shorter hands but like the look of the 6MM we suggest the 4.5MM.

What color should I go for?

Color is largely a personal preference, Yellow Gold is more traditional whereas White Gold has seen a recent rise in popularity. Or you can go with a modern look like the Black or Wooden Inlay Tungsten Band

Note: If you desire the White Gold look, 18K white gold will resemble a yellow hue overtime and require a complimentary re-polish or re-plating. To avoid this process we recommend Platinum which holds its silver/white gold hue.       


Pictured: Milgrain Gold Men's Wedding Band

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