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Top Engagement Proposals He Bragged About

Top Engagement Proposals He Bragged About

1) The Party Wave

While she caught a left, he took a knee and they paddled off into the distanceTop 10 Marriage Proposals Approved By Guys

2) Good Morning America

Jason put the engagement ring on Erica she was was sleeping and waited for a response in the morning. Friends and family came over for brunch later.

Pro Tip: Pour yourself a tall glass of red if you want a lick of sleep that night

3) The Statue of Liberty

As if the Boise State Cinderella story didn't already cause a few tears, Ian Johnson took it to the house on national TV. Goosebumps City

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4) Man's Best Friend

Sometimes we need to tag in an assistant, even MJ had Scottie. The Pooch 🐶 has never gotten a "no". 

5) Mural Mural on the Wall

Hire a street artist (we recommend @muckrock if you're in SoCal) to do a custom mural putting your proposal for all to see. Then one day when they're not suspecting walk by and let the wall do the talking. Cedric "Vise1" Douglas (Instagram) did it himself!

Best Marriage Proposals For Guys

Bonus: Have a spray can nearby so they can respond on themeBest Marriage Proposals For Guys


6) The Happiest Place on Earth

Drag her to boys day at the amusement park and have the courtesy to give her the front row. $35 picture not included

Best Proposals by Guys for Guys 

7) The Big Stage

We're more Toy Story people but have to respect Peter Pan for pulling up the tights and popping the question to Wendy on the professional stage in Glasgow. Johnny Cash would approve. 

8) The Taylor Hollenkamp

On Thanksgiving Morning Taylor was going through her usual morning routine drinking an iced coffee & reading the NYT daily newsletter when she spotted "Will you marry me, Taylor Hollenkamp?" and when she looked up from her phone Lauren was waiting ring in hand.  

Pro Tip: If you can't get the NYT, Groupchat Podcast will give you a shoutout if you DM them


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